HANSA NAV DARYA, Shipping Agency
5th Floor, No. 18, Alvand St, Argentina Sq, Tehran | IRAN – P.O Box : 1514938117
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About Hansa

Hansa Co. is committed to provide services in whole sea, land and air transportation fields meanwhile trying to achieve excellence in all the pertaining processes. Hansa as a shipping and freight forwarding Company provides the clients with all Supply Chain, Logistics and Transportation services from major to minor air freight, in-land freight, sea freight, Multimodal transportation and transport services as well as Customs Clearance, port services (Container stripping and stuffing), Bulk Cargo Handling, warehousing and distribution.

Air Freight

From early 20th century air transportation became one of the main world’s transportation methods considering that the popularity and importance of air transportation grew specially in last 40 years and all major role players of international transportation market became active this in field, HANSA from its first days put a great effort to accommodate air shipment service in its package. With the efforts of HANSA team and cooperation with various airlines HANSA is currently a major transportation company to handle air cargoes in the Iranian market.

Sea Carriage

Hansa Co. is ready to handle the shipping orders with unlimited tonnage volumes of diverse cargo materials including petroleum products, cellulose materials, construction materials, foodstuffs, perishable items, hazardous materials, metal products, etc. Despite its young age, Hansa Co. thanks to its high productivity of staff and intelligent management has been capable of grabbing the opportunities of and Logistics industry markets across regional and international arena. In the first year of establishment, Hansa Co

Road Transportation

Iran with its geographical location at cross road of Asia and Europe entrance borders always had an outstanding role in land transportation of the region and its neighboring countries . HANSA has been always aware of this opportunity, so from the early clays of its establishment paid a significant attention to this market and with cooperation of Iranian

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