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Global Freight Solutions

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With a strong background in managing all types of refrigerated cargo, Global Freight Solutions Inc. take pride in our knowledge of international requirements for the export of foodstuffs from North America. While seafood commodities represent the biggest volumes of our reefer cargo, we also handle large quantities of french fries, fruits, juice concentrates, coffee, pork and poultry. On the non edible side of reefer cargo we also manage logistics for shipments of floral greens and water proofing compound during particular seasons throughout the year. As the risks and liabilities involved in shipping refrigerated commodities are far greater than general cargoes and dry freight shipments it is imperative that we remain focused and well educated on each specific product and overseas market.

As the world grows, rebuilds and reshapes itself, shipments of logs, lumber and all related building materials increase. We are happy to be part of this global renovation and appreciate the year round dependability of the dry commodities. With our large volume contracts and network of carriers we are easily able to handle the multiple container bookings that are required for lumber exports and can adhere to most any schedule for the arrival of the goods at destination. Our experience with special loading practices, fumigation and certification make it easy for customers to call on our services.

For those timely shipments that need to arrive quickly or with special handling, our years of airfreight experience come in handy. Good relationships with the airlines and loading facilities help us to offer a full range of service for all airfreight shipments. Whether requirements include special packaging for refrigerated cargo and fragile items or original documentation that must accompany the shipment, we have the knowledge and the information needed to deliver cargo quickly and efficiently to the end user. Samples are often the key to a new sale and having your products arrive on time and intact is an important step in this process.

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