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In 1941, George Howard Cadwell started LTL carrier Portland Seattle Freightways. With over 130 trucks and a full schedule, a highly successful company was built on moving freight throughout the Northwest. Back then the emerging logistics business was a whole lot simpler, but the industry was still about problem solving and finding a way to get the job done — and done right. Businesses were built and grown on hard work, integrity and commitment. Your word and a firm hand shake were a promise as strong as any contract you’d sign today. Fifty years later, his grandson, Chad Cadwell, started his own business in 1991 based on his grandfather’s principles of delivering great, personal service, innovative solutions, and building solid, long-lasting relationships. As the franchise grew to include partner Jeff Gruidel, Freight Logistics also specialized in the packaging, custom crating and shipping of any item, any size, anywhere. Later, the company branched out to include home deliveries throughout the state of Colorado. Warehousing and distribution was the next natural step and today Freight Logistics has evolved into an elite and dynamic transportation logistics company completely focused getting the job done right.
Air freight shipping is a quick and efficient way to move your commercial cargo between locations situated almost anywhere in the world. With over 30 years in the business and connections to the top worldwide air carriers, Freight Logistics is fully capable of transporting your freight safely and quickly to and from anywhere you’d like. Air freight shipping is similar to less than truckload shipping and ocean freight shipping, but there’s one major difference: Air freight cargo shipping is much, much faster. Like LTL shipping, air cargo shipping can be used to transport oddly shaped items, like furniture or pallets of shoes. However, transporting the items by air means that they’ll reach their destination more quickly and offers the possibility of shipping to and from anywhere in the world. Similar to ocean freight by cargo ship, air freight cargo shipping is a great option for international shipping. Ocean freight shipping, however, takes considerably longer than air freight shipping does. For example, transporting commercial goods from China to the United States via ocean routes usually takes up to 30 days. Those same goods can travel between the two countries in just 3 days via air freight.
There are several factors that can affect the premiums of Cargo Insurance. Type of Freight: Air, Ocean, Truck Transport Vehicle: Dedicated, LTL or Container Items Shipping: Personal or Commercial Cargo Was is packed by the manufacturer, professionally packed or by the owner? Where is the shipment picking up and delivering to? Insurance companies take all these details into consideration and then decide on the premium that should be paid. Our current policy is through Lloyds of London and we can automatically bind coverage up to $500,000 (US) with the blink of an eye. Additional coverage is easily obtained prior to shipping.

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