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Ferrari Group is the one-stop service provider specialising in shipping, integrated logistics and high value-added services for jewellery and precious goods, worldwide. Unrivalled global expertise and tailor-made solutions, successfully applied to Luxury.


Ferrari Group’s evolution has always been customer-driven: since the early years, the company’s innovative offerings have been molded around customers’ needs and requests for new services, with our flexibility, knowledge and passion putting us at the forefront of the industry in secure international shipments, customs consultancy and innovative logistic services for luxury goods. Each one of our services is tailor-made, with utmost focus on detail, responsiveness and security.


Ferrari’s Customs service handles every procedure involved in the shipping of high-value products anywhere in the world, providing country-specific technical expertise, customs consultancy services and state-of-the-art solutions.


Ferrari arranges fast and secure delivery through different airfreight carriers for Valuable, General and Vulnerable Cargo. Tailor-made services and utmost flexibility allow us to cater for any specific requirement.


Line-hauls are provided through Ferrari’s own fleet of armored and non-armored vehicles, to ensure maximum reliability, speed and safety.


Ferrari guarantees ultimate security in every step throughout the delivery process. With world-class security procedures and state-of-the-art equipment, Ferrari’s core business is the safeguard and delivery of our clients’ precious goods.


Ferrari Fiscal Representation provides VAT identification for non-residents in the EU. The Ferrari Fiscal Representative handles all operations subjected to VAT on behalf of the foreign company, ensuring compliance with all local regulations.


Ferrari can provide tailor-made logistics solutions in several platforms worldwide, with reserved spaces in vault areas and dedicated manpower for warehousing activities (inventory services, assembling services, packing services).

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