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Founded in 2019, FBASZ has been devoted to offering customized and personalized support as an international logistics and freight forwarding service provider for large and small companies, government agencies, non-profit organizations, families, and individuals and families since we began. Through the combined efforts of our experienced specialists and dedicated service team, we can guarantee our cargo will be delivered in perfect condition, on time, and on budget. FBASZ is primarily involved in international shipping services, including air freight, shipping to amazon fba, ocean freight, road freight, courier service, warehouse, and customs clearance. We are committed to the strict service principle of efficiency, precision, and flexibility. In doing so, we believe we have won the trust of our clients to be their preferred forwarder.
Air Forwarder are often time, cost and environmental balancers. This is one of the reasons why companies choose FBASZ because of the cost-effective and smooth delivery of their goods. Like them, you can rely on our strategic alliances around the world, giving you the flexibility to choose from a range of air and ocean service options. Seamlessly tailored to your exact needs with end-to-end visibility.

Sea freight is a method of transporting large quantities of goods using cargo ships. Goods are loaded into containers and loaded onto ships. A typical cargo ship can carry around 18,000 containers, making ocean shipping a cost-effective way to transport large quantities of cargo over long distances.

FCL or Full Container Cargo, where you can buy one or more full containers to send on board.
LCL or less than a container load, your products share a container because you may not have a full container’s worth. After reaching the destination, the container contents are divided again.
RORO or Roll-on-Roll-off, your products don’t leave the vehicle they’re on into the cargo ship. Vehicles simply get on board and leave at the other end.
Bulk shipping for certain items that are stored in the hold of a ship rather than transported in containers.

Ocean freight is just one cog in a supply chain network. Some companies choose to use specific 3PLs to ship their goods safely and legally. As we mentioned in 3PL’s top 5 advantages, one of the main advantages of these suppliers is that they already understand all the requirements and you don’t have to deal with a carrier for every item. Once you have commissioned a ocean freight forwarder, they will collect the goods from your suppliers and transport them through the port in one of the above-mentioned ways. It is worth noting that the delivery time should include delays through both ports as they have to go through customs. Even if you choose LCL, you may still not have enough product, in which case it may be more cost-effective to send the product by air or express. They are both used to transport small quantities of products, and since the vehicles themselves are smaller, they are more expensive.

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