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Why is FBA Shipping Better Than Traditional Shipping?

Are you a seller on Amazon? Do you want to start selling merchandise on Amazon? Do you need a shipping method that is more efficient than traditional shipping? Do you want to increase your profit margins and make more money from Amazon? FBA..Are you a seller on Amazon? Do you want to start selling merchandise on Amazon? Do you need a shipping method that is more efficient than traditional shipping? Do you want to increase your profit margins and make more money from Amazon?
FBA Shipping is what you need. FBA shipping is guaranteed to revolutionize your Amazon sales in different ways. In this blog post, we’ll tell you all that you need to know about FBA shipping and how it differs from traditional shipping.

What is FBA Shipping?
FBA shipping is a means by which goods and merchandise are shipped directly to an Amazon fulfillment center. The goods are stored in an Amazon warehouse until they are sold. So, your goods do not pass through any intermediary.
So, you can place an order for a consignment of goods in a foreign country. Your FBA shipper or freight forwarder will pick up the merchandise, consolidate the shipment and then handle the shipment till it gets to the Amazon warehouse. This allows you to get door to door consolidated shipping from China and the transit time after departure depends on the mode of transportation.

What are the advantages of FBA Shipping over Traditional Shipping?

1). Consolidated Shipment
With FBA shipping, your goods are packed along with the goods of other sellers. This way, you get to save a lot of money in shipping fees. This is called a consolidated shipment. It is a shipment method whereby shipments from multiple shippers are combined.

2). Consolidated Clearance
When you ship your goods via FBA shipping, they are cleared along with other goods in the shipping consignment. So, everything is cleared at once, unlike Traditional shipping where you have to clear goods shipment by shipment and pay multiple clearance fees.

3). Straight delivery from point of first contact to Amazon warehouse
When you use FBA shipping your goods are delivered straight to the Amazon warehouse from the point of collection. Your merchandise won’t pass through multiple delivery agents or parties. First-leg shipping, final-leg shipping, and customs clearance are handled by one party. Once the merchandise leaves the factory of origin, the shipment doesn’t leave the care of the freight forwarder.
For example, with traditional shipping, an initial shipping partner will pick your goods from the city of origin before shipping it to another country. Your merchandise is then cleared through customs before another shipping partner then picks it up for shipping. A third shipping partner might then transport the goods for shipment to the final warehouse.

4). Strict adherence to Amazon FBA guidelines
Amazon has regulations for FBA sellers. These regulations are well-known and understood by the best FBA shippers. They know all that there is to know about merchandise shipment and Amazon package standard. So, when you use FBA shipping, you understand that you are putting your business in good hands.
With traditional shipping, you run the risk of defaulting and breaking Amazon rules, especially if you are a new seller. FBA shipping is a safer bet as you can be sure that all shipments will follow Amazon package standard.

5). Direct Lines to Warehouses
Some freight forwarders for FBA shipping have direct lines to some warehouses. So, you can get direct quotations from these warehouses.

What role does a Freight Forwarder play in FBA shipping?
A freight forwarder is responsible for handling various aspects of the FBA shipping process. The freight forwarder performs various responsibilities like the quality assurance of products products insurance, booking the cargo space, negotiation of freight charges, consolidation of freight, filling of shipment documentation, filling of custom forms at both departure and arrival countries, clearing of goods, etc.
The FBA shipping arrangement will depend on the incoterms. Incoterms stand for International Commercial Terms. Incoterms are a set of defined international shipping agreement between a seller and a buyer.

How you can leverage on FBA Shipping to build a profitable business
When you use FBA shipping, you can ship products directly from the product manufacturer straight to an Amazon warehouse. The entire shipment is handled by the freight forwarder so you can have more time to focus on other aspects of your business.
You won’t need to spend time tracking or monitoring shipments. The freight forwarder is responsible for monitoring and tracking all shipments. You save a lot of money while ensuring optimum delivery period.
If you would like to save a lot of money while ensuring the optimum delivery of your package within schedule, we are happy to help. Contact us to get a quotation now.