Fast Forwarding, Inc

Fast Forwarding, Inc

Fast Forwarding, Inc
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Fast Forwarding is a non asset-based transportation company. Like other non-asset based transportation firms, (brokers, intermodal shippers’ agents, and third party logistic providers), the equipment we provide is not owned by Fast Forwarding. This affords tremendous flexibility, equipment and service options not found with capital based operations. Third party entities control the majority of the freight moving in the US. The reason is quite simple: third parties provide the transportation consumer with the most efficient and comprehensive service(s) in the industry. Third party operations are the “Transportation Superstores”.

What separates Fast Forwarding from other third party providers is the legal distinction of being a licensed freight forwarder. A freight forwarder is legally the carrier of record. Fast is the carrier on the bill-of-lading and provides all the legal protections that are stipulated in the bill-of-lading. We take possession of the product and are responsible for the payment of freight bills to the carriers and the remittances from the customer. Furthermore, Fast Forwarding is liable for freight claims. We have the insurance(s) to protect the shipper and the shipper deals directly with Fast on these problems.
When you deal with a freight forwarder, the protections and liabilities are between you and the freight forwarder. If you pay other third party entities for a service and they fail to pay the carrier, you may be responsible to pay that carrier again. This does not happen with a freight forwarder. A payment to a freight forwarder is a payment to the carrier because legally Fast is the carrier.

Third parties have unlimited access to equipment. In this unlimited supply, there will always be some “questionable” companies. At Fast, all our quality carriers go through our stringent operating requirements. We guarantee our commitment to bringing the greatest degree of control to this very volatile industry. Insurance, contract negotiating, authority, and performance are all monitored daily. Fast carriers cannot just meet our legal requirements, but their performance must be consistent and exceptional. Only the finest quality fleets are approved Fast Forwarding carriers. The services provided by Fast Forwarding: LTL, Truckload, Flatbed, Specialized, Over Dimensional, Intermodal, Critical/Expedited, Freight Management and Consulting, are provided 24 hours per day/365 days per year.

We established ourselves as a third party entity because it provided our customers with the most service and equipment options. This was followed by a commitment to freight forwarding and the assumption of liabilities that protect our customer.

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