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Advances in materials science
Innovative materials play essential roles in safety, clean energy, transportation, human health, and industrial productivity. To fuel continued innovation, researchers want to deepen their understanding of the physical and chemical properties of materials (morphological, structural, magnetic, thermal, and mechanical) from the macro- to nanoscale. Whether discovering new materials, solving analytical problems, improving processes, or assuring product quality, electron microscopy is capable of providing insight at all scales and modalities. The discoveries resulting from materials science research help enhance researchers’ ability to successfully correlate structural properties with functional performance. In turn, this insight helps commercial enterprises innovate products and processes to gain important time-to-market and cost advantages.

Materials characterization
Analytical solutions, including electron microscopy and spectroscopy, from Thermo Fisher Scientific can help you address your most pressing challenges, including;

Developing new functional materials that meet the demands of today’s unique social and economic challenges
Supporting the discovery of new materials with reproducible data from complementary techniques
Solving materials and method development challenges to improve processes and investigate product defects
Publishing groundbreaking discoveries, writing winning grant proposals, or patenting novel materials
Assuring defects are rejected before they reach customers
Taking your ideas to market quickly and keeping your company competitive
Industrial manufacturing product selector
The product selector is here to assist you in choosing the most suitable Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM) system and software for your research. Find out in a few minutes which SEM best suits your research application:

Surface analysis learning center
The chemistry of the surface of a material, or at the interfaces of layers, determines how a material behaves. Our surface analysis references and resources can help you engineer desired properties or better understand materials when they do not perform as expected.
Process control using electron microscopy
Modern industry demands high throughput with superior quality, a balance that is maintained through robust process control. SEM and TEM tools with dedicated automation software provide rapid, multi-scale information for process monitoring and improvement.

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