Far East Land Bridge Ltd

Far East Land Bridge Ltd

Far East Land Bridge Ltd
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FELB is the result of a long-term project to establish a railroad line for container logistics solutions between Asia and Europe, based on the Trans-Siberian Railway. Years of negotiations were necessary to reach the required agreements and set up the logistics and security to ensure this service, as a viable and faster alternative to the existing sea route.

In 2007 we managed to launch the first pilot deliveries. Over the years, we became owners of more than 7,000 containers and increased the frequency of train departures from one to six per week. As a result, two dedicated train operation centres – Block Train Centres (BTC) – were also established, one in Asia (Shanghai) and one in Europe (Vienna).

Today, more than 100 employees in Vienna and Shanghai as well as the field offices in Hamburg and Milan ensure efficient service and solution-oriented consulting.

Routes & Destinations
The Trans-Siberian Railway connects Europe and Asia via a broad-gauge network covering 9,500 km in Russia, Belarus and Ukraine. In Europe and China, the changeover from broad gauge to standard gauge takes place at specially equipped terminals in Brest (Belarus) and Małaszewicze (Poland) on the northern route, as well as in the Far East at the transition points Zabaikalsk (Russia) and Manzhouli (China). Most of our transports are handled from there. In addition, there is the southern connection with Dostyk (Kazakhstan)/Alashankou (China) and Altynkol (Kazakhstan)/ Khorgoz (China), via which trains are routed to China. The route via the ports in Russia’s Far East (Vostochny/ Vladivostok) is mainly used to connect South Korean, Japanese and Chinese ports.

At FELB we work with state-of-the-art equipment that enables transport according to the highest quality guidelines. We offer standard 20 ft and 40 ft containers in “Dry Van” and “High Cube” design.

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