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Founded in 1998, with principle office in Hong Kong, Fans Trans have been busy offering and developing a high quality of service to our local and overseas business partners – our valuable customers and agents. Our business philosophy focuses on the principles of honesty, integrity and complete dedication to our clients and agents. Fans Trans ‘s business concept is to form a partnership along the global supply chain between sellers, buyers, shipping lines, airlines and any third party logistics service providers. We are prepared to offer customers and our overseas partners, competitive pricing, timely transportation, accurate information as well as value-added services with strict quality standards. We are well aware of the importance of our services quality that has made our difference among the other competitors.

The scope of our services includes:

* International Sea, Sea-Air and Air Freight Handling
* Warehousing, Third Party Logistics and Fulfillment
* Buyer’s consolidation; Door to Door & G.O.H Handling
* Customer supports for export/import documentation, taxation
formalities; Custom clearance and export/import declaration
* Domestics and Transshipment Services IN/OUT China
(Own facilities and sales in Shenzhen and Shanghai
branch office and our affiliated agents throughout China)

Our team is committed to delivering exceptional, personalized, flexible, integrated global logistics solutions. We understand our clients’ global logistics needs and through continuous improvement, anticipate and satisfy these needs for the future. We forge strategic partnerships, pursue emerging international markets, forecast international business trends and develop innovative, accountable, efficient technologies.

As a pro-active response to dynamic customer demand, and as a natural progression through having developed the capabilities to offer a full range of physical international distribution services, Fans Trans can now set up a tailor made solution to your individual needs. Any segment of your in-house logistics functions can be contracted, from simply arranging local Customs Clearance, to setting up a Total Logistics Management Service integrating various segments.

Features includes:

* Physical distribution – national and international
* Seamless information flows between all parties
* Order processing
* Customs compliance
* Sorting, Picking and packing
* Bar-coding, labeling, tagging, ticketing
* Warehousing and Inventory management
* Improved efficiency, costs and on time delivery through one point of
* Pre-shipment auditing and quality inspections of merchandise and