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Would your cargo be considered HAZMAT?
Check out our list BEFORE you buy!
You may be surprised at the many COMMON EVERYDAY ITEMS which can become hazardous when on-board an AIRCRAFT. eZone employs HAZMAT SPECIALISTS following special procedures to ensure our cargo does not endanger anyone while en route to you.

Our destinations have regularly scheduled shipments of CONSUMER COMMODITY items. The hazmat fee is USD$10.00 per package and do check with your local agents for the hazmat flight schedule.

Cologne Air Freshners Perfumes Hair Dye Aftershave Body Splash Nail Polish Tend Skin Liquid Mouthwash Hair Regrowth Treatment Shower Gel Perfume Gift Set
Other common items of a more HAZARDOUS
nature are subject to fees up to $260 such as:
Spay Sunscreen Hair Spray Any Aerosol Spray Paint Equipment with gas powered engines Paint & other coatings Hoverboards Auto Air Bags Automotive or similar type batteries Fireworks/Matches Seatbelt pretensioners Auto Shocks & Struts
Also included on this more
HAZARDOUS list are:
Items that are CONTENTS UNDER PRESSURE whether Flammable or not
Flammable liquids over 30ml/1oz – like baking extracts
Flammable solids – like Shoe Polish & Hookah Charcoal
Oxidizers like Hydrogen Peroxide
Corrosives like Swimming Pool Treatment
PROHIBITED items include:
Firearms, Liquor, Pepper Spray, Tear Gas, Lighters, Ammunition

Be certain before you buy!
Item not on the list? Not sure if your item is HAZMAT?
Obtain the Material Data Safety Sheet (MSDS) from the supplier/manufacturer of your product, and your local agent can assist in determining if the cargo is restricted, and what fee may be levied for AIR forwarding. You can also contact us via email.

**Hazardous items are defined as any substance or material which could adversely affect the safety of the public, handlers or carriers during transportation. The FAA and ICAO strictly enforce the law under Hazardous Regulations (49 CFR parts 171-180), and violations can carry a penalty of USD $25,000 – USD$500,000 and/or 5 years in prison per violation.
Dangerous goods regulations **

H4S1M2 ‎

Every parcel that enters our eZ Hub is screened following strict Air Safety guidelines, checked against shipping documents for accuracy, and evaluated to identify any possible damage.

Each eZ Hub processes cargo Monday to Friday. Cargo received before 2pm is processed for flights leaving the next day. We do everything we can to get your package to you as quickly as possible.

eZone’s state of the art tracking system allows for real-time tracking of your cargo once it has entered our system. Download the eZone app to receive real-time tracking alerts. You will receive email notifications when your shipment clears each check point or you can login to your account at anytime to track your shipments real-time status.

At eZone we understand that your shipment is very important to you so we take extra care to ensure air safety including crating options for breakable items such as TV’s and Auto Glass.

Unlike most competitors, eZone will ship restricted commodities, such as perfumes, paints, and other HAZMAT items. Our in-house specialist will answer your questions about limitations, charges, and the certification process.

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