Express Global Logistics Pvt. Ltd

Express Global Logistics Pvt. Ltd

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Murzban Road, Fort
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: India
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Since its inception in 1946, Express Global Logistics (EXG) has become a leading and trusted full service logistics provider. For over 75 years, we have been committed to provide transparent and seamless supply chain solutions for our clients.

Our vision is to become a one-stop-shop logistics provider, though a combination of deep industry experience, world-class customer service and modern technology capabilities.

EXG has a well-established global freight and trade network, offering a single-source solution to manage and transport freight. With an extensive team of experts supervising operations and access to a vast agent network, EXG offers end-to-end solutions across Sea, Air and Rail freight.

We’re here to offer our decades of experience in providing freight forwarding services so that your company can save both time and time. With all our freight services synergized, we’re able to provide efficient intermodal solutions to help grow your business.

As an international forwarding company Express Global Logistics (EXG) specialises in project logistics solutions. One of our areas of expertise is providing end-to-end logistics solutions from the nascent stages of the project till the commissioning. Our 75 years of extensive experience and robust global network has enabled us to service and perform exceptional challenges.

At Express, project handling is a core function relocation of plants, supply chain solutions, heavy lift transport, barging and engineering solutions have been key areas of our comprehensive portfolio.

This service has evolved from its start-up status in the year 1946, to become a real powerhouse solution provider to a variety of industries today. Attention to detail, accurate and quick paperwork, close and continuous coordination with government officials, constant monitoring of movement, trained staff at ports, a complete understanding of national and international processes, full range of handling equipment, all these are the hallmarks of this service.

The number of projects that we handle, empowers us to offer visible cost benefits to our valued clientele plus deliver a quality that guarantees minimum delays, total safety and adheres to time bound schedules.

Our project logistics services are customized for each individual contract, to satisfy these often complex tasks. Our specialist team of seasoned and skilled professionals sole focus is solution driven approach and a mind set to deliver.

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