It all started very small on capacity but very big on heart and commitment. The company was founded by Roberto & Martha Lopez, both immigrants who came to the United States as youngsters looking for freedom and opportunity. The dream was to create something very special. To provide common sense solutions using know-how and technology and improve the process of moving business forward. Both Roberto and Martha understood that in order to succeed in business you must dare to dream big, cross the threshold where fear meets courage and strive to make every situation better for all involved. It’s our goal to bring people and business together for the benefit of our clients, our employees and our partners around the globe.

During its first three years Express Freight operated as a small freight forwarding firm in the challenging yet very exiting market of Miami, FL. The company continued to grow after moving to its first warehouse in 1994. In 1996 it started operating its own trucks. Throughout the second part of the nineties Express Freight acquired access to international markets through offices and agents strategically located in Latin America’s largest gateways. This permitted the company to focus on providing multinational services to its customers while continuing to provide all the personalized services our growing list of customers had come to expect. In the early two thousands Express Freight acquired its NVOCC License and went on to create a network of LCL services that connected the US to Latin America and the Caribbean.
Today Express Freight International continues to believe that great customer service, unrelenting commitment and continuous investment in people and technology are the key to providing solutions for all supply chain management. There are no other secrets to success. It is the result of preparation, hard work, and learning from failure that keeps us moving forward and “bringing people and business together”.

Air freight

Our numerous partner airlines enables us to offer shipping services to and from anywhere in the world. Whether you are distributing your goods to dealers in Latin America or importing for your supply chain, let us provide you with sound logistical support.

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