Eurolink Freight Services LLC

Eurolink Freight Services LLC

: Mega Terminal Cargo Village
P.O.Box : 293044, B- Block
G-4075 4th Floor
: Dubai- U.A.E
: United Arab Emirates
: Mr. Admin
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: +971 4 2834622
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: +971 50 6545025

Euro Link Freight Services(LLC) is a full-fledged international freight forwarders established with an extensive agency network throughout the world. In a relatively short period we have achieved remarkable success in both Air and Sea Freight operations. We believe this success is to a great extent due to our experienced, loyal and self-motivated staff.

We commit ourselves to complete customer satisfaction in every aspect of the service we offer. A top service results in complete customer satisfaction. This has precisely been our clear focus since we ventured into this business.


Euro Link Freight Services(LLC), is represented globally through a wide network of agents and associates. Providing comprehensive portfolio of services .


To work closely with our principle and associates, to provide outstanding services and superior value to our customers, endeavoring at every step to earn their loyalty and exceed their expectations.


Euro Link Freight Services(LLC), gives a complete innovative service to the passenger who decides to leave his baggage safe and protected. Our qualified personnel use the original SWS wrapping system (SWS=speed wrapping system) which, in a few seconds, allows to close the passenger’s baggage in a plastic housing. It gives protection to the baggage in case of water, bad handling, and-first of all-theft. We can wrap outsize baggage like bikes and surfboards too. There is a 70% decrease of complaints from passengers to the Airlines Companies thanks to the wrapping baggage service. The plastic film we use is non-toxic and 100% recyclable. It gets the efficacy of X-ray safety systems unalterable.

Euro Link Freight Services also gives insurance on the plastic-coated baggage in case of theft or loss. The insurance is included in the baggage wrapping in Italy. There are a lot of possibilities for this business and its development in the world Airlines Companies and Tour Operators could be contacted in order to include this service in the airplane ticket price. Also Hotels and Rental Car Companies could offer the wrapping baggage service in the price of the room or of the car rental.

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