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Transport company ESTMA was founded in 1990. The head office is located in Estonia. To date, we provide transport services from anywhere in the world to anywhere in the world.

The group of transport companies ESTMA is successfully developing and is one of the largest in the transport market of the Baltic States.

Offices are located in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Russia, Kazakhstan and the UK.

There are three ESTMA offices in Russia: in St. Petersburg, Moscow and Samara.
The office in St. Petersburgis located in close proximity to the Sea Port, in the center of the business life of the transport business of the north-west of Russia, between two leading container terminals – JSC “First Container Terminal” and JSC “PETROLESPORT”.

At the port container terminals there are additional offices that promptly provide a full cycle of intra-port forwarding.

The St. Petersburg office is also pleased to offer ship agency services in the Big Port of St. Petersburg and Primorsk.

The office in Moscowis conveniently located on one of the main arteries of the city – Kutuzovsky Prospekt.
The Moscow office offers international container transportation services, as well as port-export transportation through the ports of St. Petersburg, Novorossiysk, the ports of the Far East, the port of Kotka and the Baltic ports.
Also, the specialization of this office of the company is the transportation and customs clearance of groupage cargoes.

The office in Samaraspecializes in road import-export transportation, rail transportation through the territories of Russia, CIS countries and imports from China, multimodal (container) import-export transportation. Oversized/heavy cargo transportation is also carried out. Customs clearance and cargo insurance are organized.

International cargo logistics includes a number of activities aimed at determining the most optimal scheme for the delivery of cargo from point A to point B. In order for the process to be as efficient and economical as possible for the customer, it is necessary to competently coordinate all its stages. It is especially important to do this on international routes, when it is planned to cross borders and take into account the nuances of the legislation of different countries. Logistics of international level is widespread due to the development of transport networks, world globalization and strengthening trade relations between states around the world.

Transport logistics of cargo transportation solves 2 main tasks:

organize the process of cargo transportation from one country to another;
ensure the safety and security of goods by optimizing the cost of time and money.
To achieve the set goals, you need to develop a route, choose a freight forwarder, coordinate issues with customs, organize warehousing and storage of goods, etc. The success of the whole process depends on the competent implementation of each stage. The main participants in cargo transportation have always been transport companies, warehouses and firms. A modern logistics company offers services that include not only cargo transportation, but also customs documentation, thanks to the introduction of information management systems via the Internet. The use of online services allows you to quickly transfer and process information and coordinate the actions of participants in cargo transportation. Thanks to this, the terms of paperwork are reduced, and each stage is promptly controlled and managed.