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ENS Logistics is a unique supply chain formula that embraced all segments in the logistics field. The mission of ENS Logistics is to deliver a superior, quality driven, and efficient model of logistics at a competitive industry rate

About us

Headquartered in Bangalore, India ENS Logistics Pvt Ltd is a synonym for excellence, professionalism and principles in providing quality logistical solutions. Company Established in 2013 with Branches in Metros cities. At ENS logistics we have family who strive to deliver the best in them in having a customer centric approach. With over a cumulative experience of individuals with over 20+ years in the industry, we don’t just deliver the cargo we deliver solutions to enhance your business. Reliable transportation and strong personal attention to our customers will always be the trademarks for which we are recognized. ENS Logistics will maintain the resources and expertise necessary to meet any challenge our customers may face. ENS Logistics will make every effort to ensure the continued success of the company and our family of employees.


At times your requirements are very urgent in delivery of your goods. In such cases, we have our Air Freight service to meet your reuirements. Our Air Freight Services are running for a long time now and we have established a trustable network of partners all over the world all of whom does excel as air carriers. There pilots are all efficient and experienced people well trained to take shortest path via which delivery can be fastest. We cover almost every country for our air freight services and the best thing about our service is that we have flight schedule arranged every few hours.

Air Freight Services have their own added benefit of carrying bulk loaded. ENS freight also does that but timing constraints are there. If you are a medium size enterprise and don’t have much load to be shipped , entire ship cannot be moved just for your need alone, but via planes we can do that easily. Like all our other services ,


ENS Logistics is a seasoned ocean freight forwarder, with a solid background, we provide a full service guarantee.


Moving bulky merchandises from one part to another is the strength of our agile team. All the fraternities and workforce within our network skillfully manage the transition of the shipment till it reaches its desired destination


Good knowledge on international custom rules and regulations keep us geared up to resolve any problem related to this field and hence we can very easily manage to work as an advisor for our customer on the delicate issue such as custom management. Due to this compliance can be effected efficiently without any hitch.

Our customs brokers, specialists in export and import of prepared quickly and professionally arrange customs clearance of your goods for export and import and the places of departure or delivery of the goods.


One of the most important elements of supply chain management is warehousing. The proper storage and tracking of inventory ensures that delivery times are met and asset management costs are reduced. We offer our customers flexible storage option with excellent warehousing facility

Our warehouses located within the vicinity of airports / seaports / ICD’s provides us the impetus over our contemporaries. The distribution is carried out in coordination with the Surface Transport Division.

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