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Dupré Logistics, LLC began more than 40 years ago when founder Reggie Dupré needed to find a reliable transporter for fuel delivery to his small service station in rural Louisiana. Tired of being overlooked by higher-volume haulers, he tackled the problem head-on and became a specialized hauler of bulk liquid commodities. With only two trucks, he set out to fill the marketplace void for reliable fuel distribution and soon began providing logistics trucking services for other independent retailers. Dupré went on to acquire a dry goods transportation company with dedicated trucks and two more companies to become a diverse transportation and logistics services provider. Over the years, Dupré has increased its reach throughout North America in fuel delivery, expanded its over-the-road capacity, and grown from a truckload fleet into 3PL logistics, traffic management, and dedicated fleets.
Domestic Air-Freight Logistics To assist our customers with air-freight logistics, Dupré works with several air transportation providers to move palletized finished goods. We arrange delivery to the departing airport, transportation by plane, and pick up at the destination airport for final mile delivery.
Managed Transportation For shippers and customers that lack vast in-house transportation knowledge or need a Transportation Management System (TMS), Dupré’s Managed Transportation service functions as the logistics arm for your company. Leverage our technology and expertise to coordinate every step of the logistics process. Whether its Dupré transporting the shipment or tendering loads to your designated carriers we are your logistics partner. A Trusted Partner for All Your Freight Service Needs. We put your business results first. Partner with us today for your logistics needs! Get in Touch Dupre Logistics logo 201 Energy Parkway Lafayette, LA 70508 About Why Dupré Logistics Solutions Freight Services Our Story Leadership Contact Contact Customer Portal Careers Become a Carrier Dupré Load Board Resources News Blog Insights Privacy Policy © 2022 Dupré Logistics, All Rights Reserved
Heavy-Haul & Over-Dimensional Trucking Our specialized flatbed trucks can run anything from a standard 53-foot trailer to multi-axel, multi-unit push/pull power. This arena takes specialized expertise to avoid costly mishaps. Dupré’s professional team members are highly experienced in heavy-haul trucking. From planning and special permitting to hiring cranes at delivery — we’ve got you covered.
It’s nearly impossible to find enough chassis at the ports to transport ocean containers. That is a major reason why so many goods are getting stuck at the ports and where Dupré Logistics comes in. Through our Drayage Service, we utilize our Dupré owned chassis and power units for your core business while leveraging our third-party capacity to support surge volumes when needed. We have yards near ports for storage and our team of drayage service experts facilitate appointment scheduling, port documentation, and coordinate capacity to get your containers where they need to be, when they need to be there. This is highly unique among drayage companies and it’s helping us better support supply chains in unpredictable times and keep products moving from the ports to distribution centers throughout the U.S

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