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About DFreight

We aim to shed light on the traditional transportation market and make it transparent, easy, and cost-effective. Also, we provide the ultimate customer experience with self-service order handling and live tracking that brings efficiency to different layers of your supply chain management.
FCL: Your full container cargo is in the best hands with our professional personnel. We can provide you with the best service on global trade routes and at the ports of many countries thanks to our excellent worldwide network. Our FCL logistics experts plan reliable, on-time delivery of full containers from port to port or door to door. DFreight ensures the smooth shipping process of your full container load. LCL: Deliver your collective cargoes safe and fast with DFreight. With regular shipping to and from numerous destinations worldwide, we provide dependable import and export LCL services. Our LCL ocean freight service minimizes cargo handling and shipping time while offering competitive rates. Fast, trackable, and safe – that is what distinguishes LCL ocean freight at DFreight. FTL: Full truckload freight is referred to as FTL. FTL shipping is typically utilized for large goods that require the entire truck to be filled. With FTL, your freight is the only freight going on a single truck, giving you exclusive access to the entire vehicle and the potential to fill the truckload. Even if you don’t need the whole available space, you can book the truck at its full capacity. You won’t have to worry about your goods changing hands or becoming mixed up with others. LTL: The term LTL stands for less-than-truckload. Multiple shippers’ freight is being transported on the same trailer rather than a single company’s freight being carried on its own trailer. Several LTL shipments are consolidated onto a single vehicle to maximize capacity. Because it makes the most of the available shipping space on one truck, this is a fantastic option for shipments that are between one and six pallets or any shipment that is less than 14 linear feet. This is advantageous for small businesses’ shipping needs.
DFreight delivers creative and cost-effective land freight services to global trade across the different areas of the world through our broad road and rail network. We can handle the entire land transportation operation from origin to destination, meeting the customs regulations in every country and city, with the help of a team of regional and local experts. We serve worldwide customers with cost-effective sea-land, and air-land services, as well as door-to-door delivery around the world, from pick-up to clearing customs. We also work according to your industry’s particular requirements to improve efficiency and cost while staying on schedule.

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