Deepsea Freight Service LLC

Deepsea Freight Service LLC

Address : Shed # 2, Ali Ubaid Ali al Gahash , Opp,
Dubai Air Cargo village Terminal,
PO Box # 30296 Al-Garhoud,
City??????? : Dubai, 30296
Country : United Arab Emirates
Contact Name : Mr. Kaup Hafeezuddin
Email Address : [email protected]
Phone??? : +971 42829272
Fax???????? : +971 42831050
Website :

About Deepsea Freight Service LLC

n the year 1997, Mr. Kaup Hafeezuddin planted the seeds of the flourishing brand that is Deepsea. His decade’s worth of experience in the shipping industry led Deepsea up the ladder of success.

Deepsea Freight Services LLC as an international freight forwarding company is fully licensed to handle shipping, freight forwarding and warehousing activities. We are capable of handling shipments from any corner of the world for both imports and exports. What sets us apart from the flock of freight brokers in the region, is our perfect amalgam of personalized services combined with feasibility and swiftness.

Deepsea hopes to offer all of our clients’ services with a personal touch so as to build business relations on the highest levels of respect and trust. As an SME, we are small enough to provide quality service but large enough to meet your needs.

eepsea with its wide network of professional freight forwarders at all major airports in the world, offers comprehensive Air Cargo Service to both importers and exporters in the forms of direct shipment or air consolidated shipment of high value cargo, perishable cargo, project cargo, time bound cargo and ship spares, AOG cargo, humanitarian aid for disaster management purposes, exhibition cargo and so on

Deepsea has expanded dramatically and consistently since its inception along with a global network of over ninety reciprocating brokerage and freight forwarding agencies. Deepsea has taken extensive measures to make progress in making its clientele list a lengthy and strong one. This has been possible only by our commitment and promise to provide quality value added services at any given point of time. By choosing to work with Deepsea, clients are entitling themselves to more than just a physical movement of cargo.

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