Dag Groupage Services Pvt Ltd

Dag Groupage Services Pvt Ltd

Dag Groupage Services Pvt Ltd
No 22/1/2,Shrubbery Gardens,
No: 91, Level 07,
Galle Road
Sri Lanka
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We are the undisputed leader amongst the logistics an supply chain companies based in Sri Lanka. Serving people & organizations across the globe, our business operations are successfully led by the management and with the in-depth understanding of the trade has enabled us to set many examples of tackling adverse situations and demanding tasks successfully. Our top level management brings an unmatched adroitness with tasks and colossal driving force. Our valuable experience has taken our company to a new level, at par with International counterparts.

Our strategy sets a sustainable foundation for Dag Groupage Services. It encompasses every dimension of sustainability: economic success, social responsibility, and environmental protection.
By 2020, we will be profitable market leader in Sri Lanka and hold top positions in our target markets. Building our long-term financial stability we will continue to invest in growth markets, new business and the expertise of our employees. We will deliver innovative products based on high performing processes and IT systems so that our customers remain completely satisfied with our leading-edge networks and industry solutions.

We are a diverse company, inspiring and attracting people of all ages and professions. We support the development of our employees and offer them local and international career opportunities. Our relationships are based on mutual trust and our common leadership philosophy. We offer a working environment that respects individual needs and valuing everyone’s contribution.

Our numerous research collaboration projects and the active innovation management at our company make us well equipped for the future.
With eco excellence and green light for logistics, we at Dag Groupage Services have set out to become the leading provider of green transportation and logistics services. To reach this goal, we work continuously to promote environmental topics and activities.

“To be the leading integrated, logistics solution provider in the Asia Pacific region with a strong global presence through service excellence. In order to achieve these lofty objectives, we must hire and retain only the most qualified and dedicated individuals who share the company’s vision.
Our status as a diversified, premier third party logistics provider is dependent upon our ability to provide only the highest level of service to our customers, maintain a necessary profit margin, and to recognize opportunities and react to changing market conditions well ahead of our competition.

I personally stand behind our business operations and firmly commit the success of our clients and I believe that our success will naturally follow through. We provide cost-effective solutions to meet all needs of our clients and update them at every stage of the move.

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