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Freight Forwarders

About Us D.B. GROUP Spa

For D.B. Group, the word “partnership” takes on a special meaning. It is the essence of our way of approaching logistics. With our clients and providers, we create long – term relationships knowing that through teamwork we can build a better, more sustainable and positive future. This is why, when working with us, you will rarely hear us refer to “customer” and “provider”. We are your Global Forwarding Partner.

Services D.B. GROUP Spa

Freight Forwarding

As a Solution Provider, we plan, organise and manage both national and international forwarding operations though our multidisciplinary team who answer to all kinds of requests. We provide sea freight, road freight, air freight, and rail freight forwarding services
to all the world’s destinations.


D.B. Group supports customers in analyzing and planning the production and information flows to provide personalized and integrated logistics solutions matched with a fast and timely service.

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