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About Customs Clearance World

While excelling in the customs field, it’s the experience outside of the industry that sets Customs Clearance World apart from other customs agents. Our staff are armed with the right information, small business experience and customer service focus that makes us the only choice when importing to Australia. Our customs clearance work involves all relevant documentation required for the export/import business and choosing Customs Clearance World means choosing the best customer freight service, at the best prices.
Air Freight Forwarding Get the right air freight solution for your cargo with help from our experienced team. We have experienced air freight forwarding specialists who can figure out your best air freight solutions to get your cargo to its destination safely and on time. No matter how small or large your cargo may be, we’ll help you get it across quickly, with as few delays as possible. Sea Freight Forwarding Ensure your freight ships across the seas as quickly as possible with our sea freight forwarding services. Our extensive local and international operating network lets us find the best sea freight forwarding solution to match your needs and timeline. We offer access to multiple shipping solutions, from open top containers and flat racks to bread bulks and charters.
As your customs clearance agent in Australia, our aim is to have your consignment cleared quickly. This means keeping a close eye on everything – from problems with supplier documentation to unpredictable issues like the weather or world events that could affect your shipment. Customs regulations also change frequently both here in Australia and countries around the world. This could require changes to the standard required documentation, time frames, certifications and costs. As your customs clearance agent, we will continuously monitor legislative and regulatory amendments and use that knowledge to ensure efficient clearance of your cargo – no matter where it’s from or where it’s headed. Thanks to our expert and experience in customs clearance, you won’t have any surprises on your end and no avoidable delays. If you want fast customs clearance in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Adelaide or anywhere else in Australia, you’ve come to the right place at Customs Clearance World.

Leaving your supplier to choose an international freight forwarder means losing control over your costs and attracting higher Australian port charges. Your freight forwarder needs to act in your best interests – otherwise, you’ll find the profits from a hard-won deal are quickly eroded by avoidable expenses.

Customs Clearance World has the experience and knowledge to organise your international freight services, whether by sea or by air. We offer you greater control over your supply chain costs, helping you choose the right solution for your business needs.

Our long-standing business relationships here in Australia (including ports in Sydney, Brisbane, and Melbourne) and abroad ensure your cargo is consigned only to reliable, reputable operators at very competitive rates. 

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