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About Us

Current International Freight was built to exceed expectations. Our company is agile, young, and always looking for new ways to grow. We operate from a culture of respect, honing teamwork from our employees and relief from our partners as they feel valued and understood.
Unlike other international shipping companies, Current seeks deep partnerships instead of a wide customer base. As a Current partner, you will be elated by what we accomplish together through trust and a track-record of jobs well done. You’ll never want to go back to business before Current. We’ll get your products safely from A to B and keep you smiling the whole way.

Air Freight

As a full-service freight forwarding company, Current International Air Freight’s air transit services provide transportation of goods around the globe.
We represent you throughout the process and protect your goods throughout the journey.

Ocean Freight

Current International Freight is a full-service freight forwarding company that provides our clients with safe, reliable, cost-effective transportation of their goods around the globe.
That is our one mission: To get your goods to their destination. We accomplish this by focusing on your specific needs. This means we customize our services, tailoring the process to suit your requirements.

Warehousing & Distribution Service

In today’s rapidly evolving global marketplace, efficient warehousing and distribution are crucial for businesses seeking to stay competitive and meet customer demands. The effective management of inventory, storage, and distribution networks plays a vital role in ensuring smooth operations and timely delivery of products. Current International Freight can help your company optimize your supply chain for success.

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