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Combine International Logistics Co., Ltd.,

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Combine International Logistics Co., Ltd

The company is a global logistics agency company established in May 1998. Through the joint efforts of all colleagues, the number of colleagues has rapidly expanded from more than 20 in the early days to today’s scale, and it is still growing. Headquartered in Taiwan , it currently has branches or offices in Shanghai, Shenzhen, Hong Kong, Suzhou, Wujiang, and Kunshan . It has more than 100 agency companies all over the world; and there are dozens of agencies all over China. The company has a strong and complete domestic and foreign logistics network to provide professional logistics services.

Kang Bo material flow as a transfer multimodal network of advanced information technology and improvement of intermodal combination, to provide customers with global container transportation, operations warehousing management, land and sea / air transportation, and more complex intermodal and logistics management services platform.

We have a global agency network and maintain good cooperative relations with many shipping companies and airlines. The transportation scope covers five continents, trans-Pacific routes, trans-Atlantic routes, Latin American routes and other trade routes.

With professional teamwork, we have accumulated many years of reputation and reputation to solve various logistics problems or problems for customers, provide manufacturers and operators with global supply chain management, and provide logistics management solutions other than actual transportation. . In addition, the company also provides cargo consolidation and supply chain information services and logistics services.

Adhering to the service spirit of “professional and enthusiasm” , adhere to the professional philosophy of ” goods first, service first , follow the service tenet of “safe, fast, accurate, economical, convenient, and time-saving” , and wholeheartedly provide various logistics for domestic and foreign customers. Services, and provide a complete and simple operating platform to serve customers.

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