CNS Logistics LLC

CNS Logistics LLC

Address : Plot no. S30607, South Zone
P.O.Box No.118839
Dubai, U.A.E.
Country : United Arab Emirates
Contact Name : Mr. Ramesh Narayan
Position In Company : Managing Director
Email Address : [email protected]
Phone : +9714 880 9793
Fax : +9714 880 9982
Website :

NS Logistics LLC started as a small office in Dubai, United Arab Emirates in 2005.

A company conceived from curiosity for maritime that has evolved into strong passion for shipping, logistics, and supply chain….

CNS Logistics provides comprehensive and professional shipping and storage of products by air, sea, land or by rail (multimodal).

On behalf of our clients, we provide a full range of services including Tracking in-land transportation, preparing shipping documents (import, export, re-export), warehousing, booking cargo space with carriers, freight consolidation, cross-country and cross-continent consolidation and deconsolidation, providing delivery documents and freight collection services, providing cargo insurance, and filing insurance claims if needed.

Get the CNS Freight Forwarding Advantage:

CNS Logistics is recognized as a leading intermediary with strong buying power to provide extensive global coverage for transport and forwarding services.
You have single point of contact or access our portal/app to identify the right carriers, and trade lanes.
We track availability, frequency, transit time and cost, allowing ease of selection for the service level that best meets our client’s need.
Our team of highly specialized industry professionals always works to achieve the best possible solutions.
With our process-oriented approach and strong customer focus, you can be assured that we work extra hard in meeting your special requirements.

Air Freight
Shipping your cargo by air with CNS Logistics will keep goods moving at optimal speed and efficiency along the supply chain. As one of the leading airfreight forwarders in the world, we offer our Air Freight Services with 3 main benefits: Value, Speed, at Low Cost.

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