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CITA Energy Services is an independent laboratory and inspection agency that has served the global coal industry for over four decades. We provide accurate and independent testing services as well as comprehensive and reliable supervisory controls.

The Laboratory is located in Newport News, Virginia . It is staffed with an experienced and dedicated team of inspectors, lab technicians and chemists who are regularly re-trained and participate in courses to broaden their area of expertise.

At CITA ENERGY SERVICES we take continuous improvement very seriously and believe it is the key to success and adaptability in an ever changing market.

Our inspectors represent you on site to ensure that your cargo is loaded, sampled, prepared according to the international standard and the terms of your contract. CITA Energy Services offers 24/7 inspection services at all Hampton Roads terminals and most US and Canadian Ports. Our Sydney office offers inspection at all the major coal terminals.

The laboratory offers a wide range of analysis for Coal, Coke and other carbon based products. Our client base comprises buyers and sellers both for the power generation and steel industry. The state of the art equipment combined with the experience of our staff allows for on time production of impartial results.

Our team will monitor the movement of the goods from point of origin to the destination.

Customers receive cargo status update in real time.

• Cargo monitoring
• Laytime calculations
• Freight forwarding
• Port information/update

We are located in the port of Virginia, USA and provide

Full agency
Ship husbandry
Protective agency

Flexibility and adaptable, we strive to meet all our customers’ needs and requirements.

Our vessel agents will follow the shipment from receipt of first appointment letter to completion of the port call while efficiently communicating with Owners and all related parties.

We pride ourselves to defend at all-time Owners and Charterers’ interests.

– respond promptly to any inquiries received by email.

– minimize vessel turnaround time.

– put strong emphasis on regular communication to provide customers peace of mind while vessel in port.

– control DA costs and promptly finalize disbursement accounts.

Our team has a high level of commitment, integrity and an ethical approach to services.