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Established on June 15, 1951, China-Polish Shipping Co., Ltd. is the first Sino-foreign joint venture in New China. It started from 4 old ships at the beginning of its establishment and has grown to have a net asset of more than 300 million US dollars. There are more than 30 ocean shipping companies with a total capacity of nearly 1 million deadweight tons and routes covering major ports around the world.

70 years of ocean shipping experience and consistent high-quality services have won China-Poland’s outstanding reputation in the field of global major cargo/equipment cargo/bulk cargo transportation. As the pioneer and pioneer of the ocean shipping industry in New China, China-Poland Company has trained a large number of shipping professionals for China and Poland. Today, China-Poland’s international shipping management team and high-quality and professional crew will uphold the spirit of “dedication, responsibility, innovation, and collaboration” to provide customers around the world with fine, professional and best major items. Solutions for ocean transportation of equipment and cargo.

The head office of China-Poland Corporation is located in Shanghai, the branch is located in Gdynia, Poland, it has a subsidiary in Houston, USA, a joint venture agency in Singapore, representative offices in Beijing and other places, and established Powerful agent network. In order to further adapt to market demand and meet customer needs, China-Poland is actively building a logistics service platform with China-Poland’s characteristics, and has its own shipping agency, freight agency, container storage and transportation and other subsidiaries. Relying on rich transportation experience, modern ship equipment and high-quality workforce, Zhongbo will strive to meet your all-round transportation needs with the overall strength of “we have no people, and we have strong”.

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