Room 1905-1910, 19th/Floor,
Evergain Plaza, Tower 1,88
Container Port Road, Kwai Chung,
Hong Kong
Mr. Benny Chan
Managing Director
[email protected]
(852) 2851 6765

A Rising Star in the NVOCC World
Charter Link Logistics (CTL) is a recognized leader in the LCL (less-than-container load) ocean consolidation, serving the logistics industry and help shaping our changing world.
Founded in 1998 and headquartered in Hong Kong, Charter Link took progressive steps to invest in strategic locations abroad. Fast forward to the present day, the group operates more than 40 international locations with over 1,500 staff and supported by over 200 agent partners worldwide. Charter Link is consistently positioned as one of the leading LCL consolidators in major trading economies such as China, India, Latin America and United states (USA) .
“What distinguishes us from the rest of the competition is our steadfast determination to stay neutral, serving only and gaining wholehearted supports from local and multinational freight forwarders and logistic communities” said Mr. Benny Chan, the group executive chairman.
Focusing on our core competency, Charter Link embraces the “LCL only” mindset by converging resources solely on the growth and development of the LCL product. Provide high end services with lowest cost-to-serve, have always been CTL’s modus operandi
CTL globally adopts value creation through meticulous operational management, efficiency, pragmatism, and integrity. Leveraging technologies and empowering our customers with a competitive LCL product that create value throughout their supply chain.

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