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About CFM Logistics

CFM Logistics – Central Freight Management – was founded in 1995, by a group of supply chain professionals, in order to create a cost-effective alternative to self-distribution and in-house freight management. While most Food Manufacturers, Grocery Companies, and Wholesalers store and ship product, it just is not their core competency.

The transportation market today is complex and challenging. It is becoming even more so with the increasing need for cutting edge and ever changing technology, pending government regulations for food and transportation, as well as, driver and fuel uncertainties. Many arguments can be made regarding in-house management vs. outsourcing.

The costs associated make it nearly impossible for medium and small shippers to have the up to date in-house expertise to effectively utilize the best transportation mode, respond to production and market fluctuations and finally to accurately know your true cost per case.

At CFM Logistics, we are more than just a Supply Chain Management company. We have the logistics expertise and the network to determine the best transportation mode. We start by gaining an understanding your Company’s current operation, your goals and your challenges. We then begin to create a customized supply chain solution for your specific needs of inbound and outbound freight management, freight consolidation, distribution and warehousing. We utilize cutting-edge technology, our private fleet, a vast partner carrier network, and our multiple warehouses to effectively respond to your market disruptions. We will even provide you with on-site personnel to work hand in hand with your procurement, production and transportation staff. Our knowledge, network and technology is shared with your company costing far less than in-house management.

A well run supply chain not only saves your company money, it decreases delivery times, improves customer service and creates logistic efficiencies. Additionally, leveraging freight consolidation and a strong distribution program lowers expenses for you to compete more effectively in the market place.