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BV Shipping” made most of the inter-africa demobilization of equipments and containers for a Construction Company of Brazil in West Africa in 2015 and before.

This Company is mainly engaged in activities in Brazil,South America, The Caribbean, Africa and the middle East, with investments in infrastructure, energy, food and the steel industry.

With more than 44,000 employees they acts in the construction, real estate, power generation and commercialization, exploration, production and services in the oil and gas sector, shipbuilding, environmental engineering and agriculture, among other sectors.

To become and remain the major player in sea transport, “BV SHIPPING” is developing day after day a diversified portfolio of major infrastructure projects in transport; renewable energy; construction of photovoltaic power plants; oil and gas exploitation; construction of hydroelectric dams… thus contributing to the revitalisation of African economy.

Road infrastructure is a major challenge for Africa’s economic development;

The urban transport market today is booming,

which creates business opportunity for industrial investment in major road, bridge, railway, port and airport construction projects …

In option of contributing to the revitalization of the continent’s economy, “BV SHIPPING” ensures the transport of new equipment to facilitate movement of goods and people.

With a specialized maritime expedition, “Bv Shipping” in 2016 ensures total control with fast transit times of new buses from Brazil (Paranagua) to Ivory Coast (Abidjan) the final destination.

The batch of new buses transported by our company, constitutes a very important category of vehicles that will be used by African companies and societies:

– Car rental: international customers, tourists, businessmen, and resident customers, nationals or not…

– Public transport: the public transport service is often entrusted to public enterprises and concerns especially; transport between neighborhoods, cities, towns and departments of different African countries.

– Mining companies: the mineral service requires robust and efficient vehicles;

– Petroleum and forestry: to transport teams from the production site to their homes.

Infrastructure development is a key factor for progress in African continent and an essential catalyst for sustainable growth.

Roads, railways, canals, power lines, gas and oil pipelines… are today the various investment sectors that are revolutionizing Africa’s economic growth.

The mining sector alone has become an engine of economic development that enables recipient countries to attract more investment;

“BV SHIPPING”, in its drive to contribute to Africa’s development, offers complete logistics solutions for construction projects (roads, railways, canals, power lines) and mining projects (oil and gas platforms, solar power plants, gas and oil pipelines); aiming at transforming Africa through the construction of modern infrastructure.

In recent years, despite the size and diversity of our shipping services, the simple and efficient policy of “BV Shipping” has never weakened what justifies our rigorously selected partners.