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Founded in 1997 as Best Shipping Ever and D/B/A as BSE Logistics in 2014, we have been revolutionizing the 3rd Party Logistics and Forwarding aspect of shipping. Unlike large scale logistics companies, we are able to dedicate our attention to each customer’s needs, providing unparalleled services and cost effective planning.

A single line of communication means, simplicity, productivity and responsive. We will customize our services to operate around our client while utilizing the vast resources at our disposal. We are small enough to change with you and big enough to complete any task at hand.

We always look forward to new opportunities and strive to get you the solution you have been searching for. We know that without you, we could not have accomplished all the milestones during the many years we have been growing

When it comes to shipping goods across borders BSE Logistics provides the logistics management, technology, and consulting expertise to manage complex webs of regulations, documentation and carrier relationships. BSE Logistics works collaboratively to provide you with industry knowledge, solutions, and benchmarks designed to help you achieve supply chain visibility, maximum efficiency, and significant savings that align with your corporate goals.

BSE Logistics provides one point of contact, no matter where in the world your shipment is located. It’s one source of knowledge. One technology pipeline. One seamless approach to helping you managing your business. So while we don’t make global shipments less complex, we just make them seem that way.

At BSE Logistics, time sensitive shipment management is our business. The fast pace of your supply chain requires fast pace solutions to stay ahead of the competition. BSE has the expertise and equipment to deliver all your expedited needs today!

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