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Our expertise and industry contacts provide the resources that offer our customers the most competitive pricing available in the marketplace, and we constantly seek out new ways to cut costs and increase revenues for those customers. With over 115 worldwide-integrated offices of freight forwarders and customhouse brokers, we combine the energy and resources of the multinational with the one on one personal service that drives our core business philosophy.

Founded in 1975 by Mr. Donald Bruning, the company management team is currently led by Dennis Bruning, President and Michael Bruning, overseeing the day to day operations.

Export Freight:
Freight exporters, do you need letters of credit or banking assistance to facilitate your export project? Does trying to navigate the sea of export paperwork seem worse than navigating the Indian Ocean? We know how complicated it can get, but we’ve been able to effectively deal with the bureaucracy of international trade. Let our years of experience help save you hours of frustration and bewilderment and money. We offer a complete roster of export services that include:

Domestic Shipping:
Our Domestic shipping service is built on our vast network of carriers and agents to help move your goods quickly and efficiently from coast to coast. Our domestic shipping services cover a wide variety of cargo loads and logistic needs. We work with a variety of small businesses and large corporations to provide the best logistic services.

International Shipping:
We are one of the leading international shipping companies in Boston, but we can also export goods out of anywhere. Whether you need international shipping for freight or smaller items, we can help every step of the way. Some international shipping companies only deal with certain aspects of the shipping process, but that’s not how we operate. We help at every stage of the movement, from evaluating the size of your shipment to transporting your goods to the port of export, to clearing customs at the port of import, and finally delivering your product to its final destination. We can make this incredibly complex sequence of events seem easy so that you have less to worry about.

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