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About Us Bremen Logistics and Shipping GmbH

BLAS (Bremen Logistics and Shipping) GmbH acts as an independent freight forwarder specialized in the transport of Breakbulk, Container and RoRo cargo.
We can ship all kinds of vehicles: cars, trucks, mining machinery, construction equipment, earthmoving machines, exploration and drilling equipment, agricultural, recreational machinery, etc.

Services Bremen Logistics and Shipping GmbH


Port to port, we are specialized in all types of maritime distances. Cabotage, short distance, transhipments, transoceanic routes, river.
We connect all shipping routes for RoRo, BB and Container.


Rail can often be cheaper than ground transportation because of the volume load and distance to be traveled.
Rail can have a competitive advantage.


Air freight selection can significantly affect lead time reduction, reliability and the bottom line of shipping logistics.
Ready for flight!!

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