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Brave Cargo, Inc

Brave Cargo, Inc
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Brave Cargo, with headquarters in Miami – Florida, provides solutions to a wide range of manufacturing, retail and consumer industries and supports them with highly skilled people and leading-edge technology. We maintain a vast network of domestic and international agents and affiliate offices to provide you a high level of customer service end-to-end, around-the-world.

Brave Cargo was established with one purpose in mind: to provide consistent, dependable and professional international logistics and transportation services to the shipping community. We are staffed with experienced and dedicated individuals who take pride in the quality of their work. At Brave Cargo we provide helpful and courteous service to each and every client, without regard to the size of their corporation or frequency of their shipments. We understand the importance of the logistics process in our client’s supply chain. We make that process efficient and cost-effective.

The core of our customers are small to mid-sized corporations with limited knowledge of international transportation and/or limited staffing resources to assign full-time employees to international transactions. Our customers are companies that need a higher level of expertise with a personal touch. They need us to be readily available with in-house support and many times act as an extension of their company. For most clients, we ARE their logistics and transportation department.


Due to an ever-increasing demand for shorter transit times internationally, we utilize premium carriers with established routings for our consolidations. Many different options are available for the most competitive and reliable airfreight forwarding service.

We can transport your time-sensitive goods efficiently and safely, regardless of their volume and value, and have the resources to ensure smooth clearance and delivery to the final destination.

Our team’s expertise comes to play when proper packaging, correct labeling, cargo consolidation and complete documentation is needed. Doing the job the right way can save time, money and unnecessary headaches to your company and your customer, translating directly into bottom line benefits for your company.

Our expertise in air freight services enable us to provide

Speedy Delivery

On-Time Delivery

Well-Managed, Properly Labeled and Documented Shipments

Greater Efficiency

Lowered Overall Transportation Cost

Efficiencies that add to your bottom line

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