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Global shipping is still a paper-driven industry with few interventions from cloud-based software tools. Businesses, freight forwarders, and shippers still connect with phones or emails and have no way of reconciling rates. Imagine how an Oyo Rooms for the shipping industry could change the way logistics rates are discovered. This is what Biplob Barik and Ricky Goyal envisaged, and they created Boxnbiz, a two-year-old startup that has enabled the logistics ecosystem on the shipping side to discover original and dynamic pricing
Transportation via ocean is a timeless way of transporting cargo across the length and breadth of the globe. Ocean shipping still remains the most coveted way of transporting cargo. But Boxnbiz, the leading ocean freight forwarder in India has transformed the way of sea freight shipping by digitalizing it and simplifying your entire supply chain system to help your business grow by leaps and bounds. hallmarks of our services include complete transparency, reliability, scalability and top-notch experience. Few key features of our international ocean freight shipping state-of-the-art services include: Reliable and efficient supply chain- Thanks to our extensive network and alliances at all major ports and waterways; we can seamlessly accommodate all major, minor and even sudden ocean freight transportation needs with cool aplomb. You can be assured of never having your supply chain disrupted with us. Cloud-based digital platform- We boast of the state-of-the-art cloud-based digital platform. It not only helps you get the instant sea freight rates but also facilitates in guiding you to the best route. With it, you enjoy the best real-time tracking of your cargo from start to finish and make an educated decision at all points. Most competitive rates- Because of our intensive network and class-apart services; we can take the smallest to the largest volume of sea freight at international shipping charges that makes the competitor’s jaw drop. Because of our diversifies client portfolio and almost perfected allocation management technology; we can offer you the best shipping charges for any volume of your cargo. Personalization and customization- We combine our technological services with human services for an unparalleled experience to our clients. We facilitate easy customization of your international shipping requirements and allocate a designated human consultant for every account for a hassle-free and smooth transportation experience. Even though the size and diversity of our services are mammoth, we keep it simple and client-centric to make it one of the most efficient logistics experiences for you. From ocean freight charges to the entire supply chain circle; we leave no stones unturned. Our clients inevitably declare us as the top ocean freight forwarders. LCL and FCL Shipment We are well-aware of your business needs. We pride in giving end-to-end solutions and thus offer international FCL and LCL shipping facility almost daily to ensure timely delivery of any cargo of any size.
LCL (Less Container Load) Making full use of technology and extensive cadence and alliances; we offer unique LCL shipment plans and a flat rate that none can match. We offer solutions where all others fail as we offer multiple shipments in a week against one or two shipment by others in the business. FCL (Full Container Load) You can easily avail of our self-managed transportation system or use your designated assistant to make all Your FCL shipment delivered in the minimum possible time at the most competitive rates available. Our innovative technology;

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