BMC Freight International
BMC Freight International
2530 N. Powerline Rd., Suite #403 Pompano Beach, Fl 33069
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+954 972 5786
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About BMC Freight International

BMC Freight International is a boutique packing and shipping company for both commercial and residential customers conveniently located in Pompano Beach, Florida, USA. We create custom packing and shipping for all types of furniture, artwork, and other miscellaneous items from South Florida to anywhere in the world; both foreign and domestic. We offer our customers one-stop solutions to their packing and shipping needs. Whether you need to relocate fragile antiques, oversized furniture, or entire estates, BMC Freight International can provide all the delivery wants and needs you require. For our designer and antique dealer clients, we provide oversea container shipments to deliver large quantities of precious items. This service provides the entire package, from inventory tracking and international paperwork to packaging and delivery. Successful large projects have given us a name in the design industry. Additionally, our extensive experience and business relationships allow us to provide the most cost-effective, high-quality, and secure way to deliver your items anywhere on the globe by way of air, sea, or land.
International Shipping: BMC Freight International is a reliable source for your worldwide shipping needs. We successfully work with any size loads from a single piece to a full container. Our international shipping service is an entire package, providing every step in the shipping process to take the stress out of moving for you. Each international shipment is carefully considered, picked up from its current location, packed to prevent damage during transit according to international shipping regulations, and delivered according to schedule. Additionally, this international shipping package ensures that all aspects of your move will be handled by the professionals at BMC Freight International, who have a commitment to providing you with the highest quality of shipping services. Our dedication to providing outstanding service when it comes to global shipping is unmatched. BMC Freight International has no limits to where you need your items shipped. Wherever your shipment needs to go in the world, we will find the best way to get it there. Utilizing both air and ocean methods, we come up with the most effective way to delivering your possessions. Packing regulations may vary by country, and our experienced brokers understand and follow each particular guideline when it comes to getting your items ready for shipping. Additionally, each item that needs shipping is carefully inspected so that the best available packing method may be performed. Custom boxes, high-quality packing materials, and ISPM-15 heat-treated wood pallets are utilized to provide packing for each move to assure that all items arrive safely and without damage. To assure that your items arrive safely no matter the journey, each shipment is individually insured. Although our packing services work to prevent falls, penetration, and injury of your goods, we want to make sure if anything happens during transit, your items are reimbursed. Additional to insurance, your shipment will be given a tracking number so that you can make use of an accurate delivery schedule. If you are looking for an international shipping service that takes the work, stress, and hassle out of moving, BMC Freight International can provide you with the full-service experience that you require. For years, we have provided both residential and commercial international shipping without any restrictions to the size of shipment and location of delivery

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