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Our maiden name was COMPASS WORLD TRANSPORT (HK) LIMITED, incorporated in year 1994, by 4 founding members, having a combined experience of not lesser than 30 years. It was on a very special occasion, that our Directors came to know a team of brokerage expert from a Company by the name of BLAIKLOCK INTERNATIONAL, who was the 2nd largest Freight Forwarding/Customs Broker at that time in Canada.

This was sort of admiration by both parties after round of talks, who then suggest to team up and in year 1998, we changed our name to BLAIKLOCK COMPASS WORLD TRANSPORT (HK) LIMITED, and then it started to give us further worldwide coverage and a bigger presence in Canada. Since then, we did not look back, we go from strength to strength, we gain respect and recognition from our fellow freight forwarding friends.

Then it came to year 2008, with most of the board of Directors in Canada went in to retirement, we then decide to resume control of the Company, we completed the process in year 2009, here we are now, a wholly owned Company here in Hong Kong, while we do not have any intention to change back to our maiden name, since she has already been well established with a good name, and most important is, we do not wish to disturb our clients, as well as affecting our joint venture activities in mainland China, and that summed up our brief history.

Now, our combined experience already exceed by a double or more, than we first established back in 1994, that is to say, we are even more experienced, with a very well balanced team, of young talents and veterans.

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