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We established in the year 1995, We started BHT to serve better and to see the smile from our customers whenever they think about BHT products and its services. We are proud to say that we belong to the regime of his majestic who is a benchmark in our daily lives. Today BHT and its sister concerned companies flourished with the same confidence in how we develop our nation.

As we mentioned in our slogan BHT always wants to be a step ahead in aspects of quality and customer satisfaction. BHT Construction began as a general works contractor in 2012. Over the years, the group has undertaken many challenging projects and accumulated skills, know-how, and experiences in site development, mountain leveling, and clearing, project management services, project logistic services, building trades, and related engineering works.

Our Vision is to become the most trusted trading and freight forwarding company in GCC.

To provide excellent customer service and to maintain quality products and improve our position as market leader.

Company with a difference as Shipping & Logistics does not only provide their services as per the manifest, but BHT provides the total technical backup and solutions to meet the customer needs We thrive hard to get recognized and continue for development as a responsible corporate company in its field through its approach to the Customer’s requirements with respect to time and quality service for a better move.

Project logistics is a very complex field and covers a great many aspects. Apart from making sure that the hundreds of thousands of different items are available when required, the responsibilities of the project logistics team can also include the supply and well-being of the construction team. Outsourcing project logistics to third -party logistics service providers can help the owner organization as well the contractor achieve cost reductions and improves the probability of a successful project. Both the owner and the contractor can get advantage from the project logistics service providers, because of the exposure to the best available project logistics practices and techniques. BHT can support any heavy-lift challenge safely, on-time anywhere in the world. Our project logistics professionals handle logistical planning by developing route plans, method statements, and risk assessments vital to customers with complex movements that require careful staging, sequencing, and coordination. Success truly depends on planning and execution. OUR circumspection for Project Logistics Ø Securing transport clearances from country and regulatory bodies on time. Ø Obtaining lifting and securing certified equipment to ensure the safety of the personnel involved and the equipment itself. Ø Sourcing qualified and trained personnel at remote locations. Ø Ensuring lifting and securing arrangements are being planned and agreed upon in advance to facilitate the works ahead of the operations. Ø Environmental changes and unforeseen circumstances requiring plan adjustments during execution. Ø Coordination and sequencing of multiple contractors throughout the operation.

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