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Bergen Logistics has evolved rapidly over the years, and now stands as a leader in global order fulfillment. The industries we serve vary from fashion, footwear, handbags, accessories and cosmetics to home goods, medical devices and supplements.

We are experts and we value improvement. We continuously update our systems and processes along with industry changes, consumer demands and tech advancements.

A major portion of your supply chain starts before the merchandise is in your warehouse. Whether you produce domestically or internationally, this ‘first mile’ can be a huge challenge with escalating costs and unnecessary delays if not properly managed. ITG International Transports Inc (member of Elanders Group) is a full-service, licensed and bonded international import/export expert that can help you manage this portion of your business, helping you improve your time to market while keeping costs in check.

A freight forwarder is a travel agent for your shipments. We manage the whole process on your behalf…scheduling, import/export paperwork and customs clearance, routing, all the way to the final mile delivery. You’ll get frequent updates on your shipment’s status, giving you peace of mind that your merchandise will make it to its final destination as quickly and affordably as possible. Your dedicated account manager is assigned to your business and will work with you on all your freight shipments so you’ll get consistent and personalized customer service that few others offer.

Knowledge and expertise are critical in the handling of shipments. ITG provides:

Air and air/sea freight forwarding options
Customs and compliance assistance
Domestic transportation options and services
Defined transit times
Door-to-Door service
Thorough consultation and letter of credit handling
Qualified custom and tariff advice
Customized packaging solutions
Project management
Transportation insurance
Warehousing and fulfillment services

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