Base Logistics BV

Base Logistics BV

Global Logistics
Base Logistics offers an extensive logistics network spanning all corners of the world.

With a unique logistics application and a team of logistics specialists, who partner up with the most reliable international transport and warehousing parties.
Our services
Base Logistics is an established global asset-light provider of integrated transport and warehouse management services, founded in the Netherlands. We are specialized in time- and mission-critical services for the high-tech and medical industries.
Everything you need to manage your logistics.
Bringing it all together, our cutting-edge logistics application Klairy was designed to minimize business risks and save our clients time. This user-friendly online tool uniquely combines Transport Management, Warehouse Management and Finance Management. Klairy is an integrated solution ideal for organizations with heavy traceability and efficiency requirements.
Transport Management
With Klairy you will find it easy to plan new shipments and keep a total overview via a central dashboard screen, irrespective of the type of shipment. Via Base Logistics you have access to hundreds of specialist companies, each with its own specific strength or expertise.

Our logistics application also makes the processes transparent and monitors the agreements made. You can consult your own On Time Performance. This helps to determine the service level that your customers experience.
Transport documents
Klairy automatically provides the most common transport documents, thus taking a lot of work off your hands in respect of international shipments. All you really have to do is print out the documents.

Warehouse Management
Klairy gives you complete control with insight into your stocks and goods flows. Wherever in the world your materials are stored, in one of our secure warehouses or in your own premises. You decide which important facts or figures you want to display.

Structural audits and pick verification guarantee a consistently high quality. In addition, Base Logistics provides periodic automated cycle counts. Base Logistics provides an accurate check of your goods descriptions. This avoids delays owing to problems with the descriptions during the transport.

We also check the Parts Master on the basis of, among other things, the Export Control Classification Numbers (ECCN). ECCN numbers are important for determining the degree to which products can be classified as dual-use goods.

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