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About Awards Shipping Agency Ltd

Established in 1990, for over 30 years of business development, Awards Shipping expanded from a 350-sqaure-foot Hong Kong office to many locations in the world. These include South East Asian countries and also mainland China (Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, South Korea, Thailand and Vietnam, Guangzhou, Ningbo, Shanghai, Shenzhen and Xiamen).

When time is crucial, our air freight service is your solution. Through our global air freight network, we provide efficient and fast solutions with respect to your exact needs.

We offer the most advantageous solution by ensuring optimal routings and quickest transit time regardless of the size of your company or type of cargo.

We offer smooth and timely delivery of your cargo. Our expertise within planning and transport management enables us to provide solutions customized exactly to your needs. Let us concentrate on our business to allow you to focus on yours.

Our extensive experience in flexibility and control makes us capable of handling any tough shipping situation (e.g. terrible weather conditions, heavy traffic or other unforeseen events) ensuring that your cargo will be delivered wherever and whenever specified.

Our global network of sea carriers enables us to provide flexible and consistent ocean freight services at a competitive price. Regardless of the size of your business, we are dedicated to provide customized solutions that facilitate each part of your logistics supply chain from the place of origin to the final destination.

We believe that smooth and safe transportation is key to success – Our ocean freight services are cost-efficient and reliable in accordance with your needs and requirements.

s our outmost important assignment to handle all shipments with care and provide a wide range of logistics services for our clients. Not only do we provide excellent transportation services, we are also pleased to assist in services related hereto in order to make your life easier.