Aura Freight Time Shipping LLC

Aura Freight Time Shipping LLC

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: Dubai
: United Arab Emirates
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Established in 2014, we soon became one of the rapidly growing Shipping and Forwarding companies in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, capturing the market as a reputed and trusted freight forwarding company. Our professional team, along with our dynamic work culture is the reason we’ve been growing rapidly; we have the right people for all your freight and logistic needs of imports and exports.

At Aura Freight Time Shipping, we’re driven by our core values in everything we do for our clients. Our mantra has always been to save time and money for our clients, especially the needless penalties and the hassle that comes with freight forwarding; Quick and easy, that’s the characteristics of our solutions we provide to our clients. Achieving this has been effortless as we’re equipped with a collective of superlative experience in freight forwarding industry areas. An array of modern communication and administrative facilities has enabled us the pleasure to work with an esteemed list of clientele by providing them with the best client satisfaction.

Having faithfully served all our clients for many years, we’re proud to know that we do a good job. Still, we’re humble about providing our services to our clients to make their lives a lot more convenient, and this is the kind of service we extend to you, a high-quality solution that you can trust for all your freight forwarding needs.

Break Bulk Cargo
Armed with a rich affiliated network of key sea freight players across the world’s prime marine hubs, we at Aura have a unique and superior position to negotiate space for your break bulk cargo. Whether it’s massive or high-value materials, we guarantee you reliable transit period and vessel owners along with streamlined pricing for sea freight service in Dubai.

Customs Brokerage
At Aura, we don’t just offer you room to avoid the hassle to clear your cargo, we do that by providing a keen eye to details with our expert team who are equipped with the up-to-date knowledge of the ever-changing rules and business norms.

Marine & Cargo Insurance
Auras sea freight company in Dubai aligns with today’s global insurance market and provides you with our value-added cargo insurance solutions that cover comprehensive coverage to protect your sea freight consignments in transit. We also underwrite insurance coverage for exporters, importers, and third-parties.

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