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About Asiana USA

The Asiana USA was established on the principles of customer service and is dedicated to ensuring the timely, efficient, and sustainable delivery of international freight. In the customs brokerage and freight forwarding industry, Asiana USA is one of the best international freight shipping companies that stands wholly apart from the rest. Our elite teams and partners have the skills and abilities required to help your company succeed in today’s rapidly shifting economic and political climates. Also, we leverage the expertise of our partners in the ocean shipping, airline, customs brokerage, and tech industries to help make expert decisions to optimize freight management and distribution. Our offices and personnel are uniquely positioned to service our clients locally and are committed to providing the customer service expected of a world-class shipping logistics company.
AIR FREIGHT SERVICES When it comes to moving your cargo across the world by air, there are many considerations for shippers to make. Among the first is choosing a reliable international air freight shipping partner and logistics company. When you are considering utilizing global air freight shipments, Asiana USA has experience working with the top 50 of the world’s largest import and export companies, carriers, and countries. With our commitment to providing unparalleled customer satisfaction at a competitive price, at Asiana USA, we provide air freight services that can become an invaluable asset to your company’s workflow. We find cost-effective ways for you to move your air cargo to and from international airports. With offices at major port cities in North America and Asia, we offer worldwide supply chain solutions for air, land, and ocean freight. As an industry leader familiar in all air transport services, our expert staff can take on the burden of navigating the technical aspects of air freight shipping. Our services include all the steps and tasks needed to safely ship your cargo. At Asiana USA, we help you with everything involved in shipping by air, making your experience as easy and as efficient as possible.
INTERNATIONAL OCEAN FREIGHT SHIPPING: International ocean freight shipping with Asiana USA is the most efficient and stress-free means of transporting your goods by sea to anywhere in the world. We are a globally renowned ocean freight forwarder and logistics service company with offices in North America and Asia. By developing international freight supply chain logistics solutions, we can provide cost-effective freight shipping rates and shipping services to our valued clients. Our freight forwarding experts are available to navigate the ins and outs of international sea freight for you. We provide extensive consulting services for all our clients to help you understand your financial transactions with an in-depth cost analysis. Asiana USA offers a variety of services, from ocean freight solutions to warehousing to order fulfillment. We work with numerous global partners, building international relationships that help us provide the best shipping services. Our freight brokers assist clients in making important decisions concerning best shipping practices. Here are several ways we can help you plan a shipment efficiently.

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