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To facilitate the international trade for our clients through the integration of solutions that reduce costs and time on imports and exports offering a warm and friendly service

Ocean Freight:
We work to provide a quality import and export service while we manage and track your cargo by sea.

We also help strengthen your shipments to reduce costs, and we have expert personnel at the ports to ensure good treatment of the merchandise so that it arrives in optimal condition.

In addition to our merchandise reception and shipping service, we have an expert team in foreign trade through which we manage:

Insurance policies,
Verification of merchandise free of charge
Re-packaging of cargo
Personalized service at the place of origin and destination
Management of special and dangerous goods
Multi modal transportation for a best price and optimal benefits.
Too, we also offer a messaging service from local to international door to door delivery of your document or package express service and our first class service.

Air Freight:
We provide an air transportation service in international trade, from the United States to all of Central America and South America.
We make daily shipments with the most trusted and safe airlines with which we work, and we also do courier service.

Cargo services:
Likewise, at Asencoex we have a fast charge service for urgent cases in which the client requires the package to arrive in record time at its destination.

This is possible thanks to our alliance with trusted airlines, with which we work for fast and safe assistance.

We have our own warehouses from where we receive, inspect and dispatch the merchandise, ensuring a successful process and satisfactory management according to the personalized indication of each of our clients.

Likewise, we make transshipment at bonded warehouse and we have a storage service, in case our clients require storing their merchandise for a certain time.

From our warehouses we receive heavy machinery, cars, and general cargo.

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