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Aqua Logistics


Established in 1999 and headquartered in Mumbai, Aqua Logistics is India’s foremost global logistics and supply chain partner, delivering excellence across industries, through an integration of empowered people, processes and technology. At Aqua Logistics, we enable our client’s businesses by aligning the strategic and the operational perspectives.

Aqua Logistics understands that global supply chain management involves planning, implementing and controlling a series of complex tasks performed by persons of different nationalities and cultures and with varying language capabilities. We integrate these multinational capabilities by combining years of expertise with the latest in technology.

We understand that synchronization of time, people and place are crucial for supply chain optimization. To ensure this, we have been gradually building upon the foundation of varied experienced and highly skilled specialists, who focus on operating models that integrate functions of the clients’ organization, their suppliers and customers across the extended supply chain.

Our operations, consulting, and client development teams deliver logistics, operations strategy, sourcing and procurement planning, fulfillment operations, customer service and after sales support.

Integrating technology into our expertise, Aqua-Enable, software that enables collaboration between internal and external stakeholders involved in the entire supply chain, provides visibility on updated status and any gaps in terms of documentation or activities.

Our portfolio speaks of our experience, expertise and evolution. Aqua Logistics has incorporated supply chain consulting and outsourcing work for various verticals including Power, Pharmaceuticals, Engineering, Infrastructure, Sports, Events, Retail, Telecom and the Consumer Durables industry.
Our mission is to be the most outstanding Global Logistics and
Supply Chain Partner offering integrated services through constant innovation
and the relentless pursuit of excellence.

We aim to enhance our clients’ businesses by offering superior solutions
while creating value that far exceeds stakeholder expectations.
SCM Consulting

Aqua Logistics Consulting Services are focused on delivering end-to-end consulting services in the supply chain and logistics field. Consultants associate with our clients to optimize their supply chains, right from strategic consulting to ensuring a successful execution and value realization.

Aqua Logistics offers consulting services and focus on providing supply chain excellence and increasing share holder value for our clientele.

Business Case Development, Gap Analysis, Supply Chain Solutions
Improving Asset Effectiveness, Enhancing Supply Chain Performance
Strategic Cost Management:
Cost Measurement, Reduction and Benchmarking, Strategic Service Improvements,
Supplier Strategy:
Auditing Suppliers, Supplier Sourcing, Supplier Relations
Supply Chain Operations Planning and Design:
Sales and Operations Planning including Purchasing and Procurement, Demand Management, Production Management, Inventory Control, Scheduling, Distribution Management, Warehouse management, Customer Service, Transportation, Packaging, Visibility and Event Management
Logistics Design and Network Optimization:
Locations, Warehousing and Distribution Design, Transportation Management, Supply Chain Inventory, Labor Management, Facility Layout Design, Material Handling and Storage, Order Fulfillment, Billing
Outsource Optimization:
Core / Non-core Competencies, In-source / Co-source / Outsource Decisions, Vendor Evaluation and Selection
Setting up of SEZ units and EOU:
Consulting for Registration and other Formalities, Import formalities for Infrastructure Setup
Program management and Transition/Change Management, Process Improvements, Performance Management:
Measurement Systems, Benchmarking, Audit
Technology and Management Systems:
Business and Technology Integration, Systems Selection

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