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Has been a leader in equine air transportation since 2008. Headquartered near Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) in Southern California, we can transport your horse anywhere in the world. Whether you are importing a new horse, exporting across the boarder or around the world, or traveling within the U.S., we can help.

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Shipping hundreds of horses by air, Apollo Equine has streamlined this process. We’ve got experience dealing with almost every scenario imaginable. Our experience and expertise include both the international importation of horses into the U.S. and the exportation of horses to other countries, as well as domestic air transport throughout the country.


Apollo Equine specializes in the importation of horses into the USA, principally on the West Coast, but we can also assist for imports into the East Coast. The entire import process is the same for any horse but the logistics are different depending on the country of origin. We work with a number of agents around the world.

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