APH Logistics AB
‍Fraktvägen 36 C, 190 60 Stockholm – Arlanda, Sweden
[email protected]
08 797 91 75
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About Us APH Logistics AB

APH Logistics AB operates a freight terminal at Arlanda that is specially adapted to handle food and live animals. With customized temperature zones and logistics flows, we can therefore provide our customers with the best possible handling for special freight.
The large freight hall of 1,200 square meters and two separate smaller coolers can maintain a temperature of +4 degrees C. Two freezers can be tempered to – 28 degrees C. We work to give our customers a good service and short handling times.

In the terminal’s premises, there is also Arlanda’s border control for animal and plant foods as well as for animals brought in from third countries (ie from countries outside the EU area).

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