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Freight Forwarders

About us

ALFRO FREIGHT FORWARDERS was incorporated in 1985. Over the years and as a service-oriented organization, we are committed to providing quality and excellent services to ALL our clients. To achieve this, our team of qualified experts place tremendous emphasis on cost-effective and efficient planning with the interest and welfare of our valued customers in mind so that they will benefit from our total quality services.


People want their packages to be handled and delivered properly. This is because they want their packages to arrive at its destination in the same condition that it was sent. That is why people want their service provider to be reliable. Gaining the trust of customers is not that easy. They are always on the lookout for other service providers, which is better than what they already have. But then again, once they know that no other company can do a better job, that is the time when they will be converted to loyal customers. Showing the customers how reliable you are will gain more repeat clients. Besides, they are likely to recommend you to other people who might need the same service.

Competitive Pricing

When people think of freight services, the first thing that comes to mind is the price. Because of the nature of the business, it is a common misconception that it is expensive and that not everyone can afford them. With the many competing freight forwarders services available, there are sudden changes in the price already. Before this, customers need to pay for the high customs fee and many unneccesary charges depending on the destination. Nowadays, you can easily choose one service provider that offers the best service at the lowest price.

Speed Of Service

There are freight forwarders that do not conform to the promised time of delivery. This is what irritates customers the most. Before you know it, they will be looking for another service provider that delivers what they say they will. The speed of service is one of the vital factors needed in a freight forwarding service provider. It can be noted that the speed of the delivery should not compromise the quality of the package. These two should go hand in hand. Without the other, it can never work.

Far Reaching

Ever been in a situation wherein your service provider did not accept your package because they do not cater to that particular destination? This can irritate customers. The freight forwarding service provider should know and have a comprehensive knowledge about important places that are not the usual point of delivery. There should have one or two employees who should specialize in the familiarization of different localities. ALFRO Freight Malaysia is aware of what people want in their service provider. This is the reason why they are constantly updating on how best to improve their services and the personnel that they have.
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