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As a global transportation management leader, AIT helps companies grow. We expand their access to markets all over the world, so they can sell and procure raw materials, components and finished goods.

After more than 40 years in business as a global transportation provider, our consultative approach coupled with a vast worldwide network has forged trusted partnerships across nearly every industry, including aerospace, e-commerce, food, government, healthcare, life sciences, retail and more.

With professional logistics experts staffing more than 100 worldwide locations in Asia, Europe and North America, including our global headquarters in Chicago and regional headquarters in London and Hong Kong, AIT’s full-service options also include customs clearance, warehouse management and white glove services.

And everything we do is backed by a commitment to our core values, a dedication to quality and our scalable, user-friendly technology.

Improving the worldwide freight supply chain is our business—from moving secure, time-sensitive or heavy cargo around the world to enabling just-in-time warehousing to delivering goods directly to the consumer’s front door.

No matter the requirements, thanks to our global network of providers and partners, AIT’s customers enjoy precisely tailored supply chain solutions for sea, air and ground freight—on time and on budget.

Learn more about our offering by exploring our site, including the following links, or get in touch with us today to get started.

Ocean freight demand is expected to rise for the next several years—alongside increasingly formidable geopolitical factors. In the face of these challenges, including tricky customs and confusing tariffs, many organizations across a broad range of industries choose to partner with experienced customs brokers and sea freight forwarders like AIT.

Because we’ll expertly handle the complexities of moving your freight around the world, so you can focus on what matters: growing your bottom line.

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