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Airlift Flyers Aviation Corp

Airlift Flyers Aviation Corp
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ALFA is a network of compassionate aviators aligned with nonprofit organizations working together to help the destitute beyond our shores. ALFA coordinates flight donations to benefit US charities delivering emergency aid, disaster relief, humanitarian assistance and ongoing development programs abroad. We merge diverse skills and precious talents with a passionate commitment to eradicate poverty, disease, hunger, ignorance and injustice.

ALFA arranges mission flights in a variety aircraft. The gifts of wings are made possible by gracious pilots and aircraft owners freely offering cargo space or empty seats whenever possible. Every flight is unique yet all are life-transforming experiences.

ALFA is strategically located in South Florida near regional and international regional airports such as KMIA, KOPF, KFLL, KTMB, KBCT and KPBI.

Missionaries team up with airlift flyers through ALFA to deploy safe, efficient and successful missions. ALFA advocates public-service aviation and promotes awareness of rewarding opportunities for participation among all aviation communities. Our volunteers take pride in the quality of service devoted to aircrew and missioners alike with great joy and personal satisfaction for every small accomplishment.

General aviation woke up on a cool winter morning in January 2010 to an unprecedented challenge — the aftermath of the magnitude 7.0 Haiti earthquake. Like never before or ever since, GA spontaneously morphed into an international task force in response to the horror of the disaster that befell the tiny poorest nation of our hemisphere. On short notice private pilots and aircraft operators from coast to coast put the humanitarian crisis at the top of their priority and scrambled to accomplish unprecedented feats of airborne philanthropy. This impromptu achievement that came to be known as the ‘2010 Haiti Airlift’, is an enduring testament to the can – do spirit of American general aviation on the global scale. They conquered the inconveniences, the economic slump, insurance issues, high fuel prices and security concerns to make a difference far beyond our shores. Compelled by compassion or a providential call to duty, or both, hundreds of airlift flyers put their hearts in their wings and blazed a new trail in the tropical apocalypse.

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